Consumer's Guide to Understanding Windows and Installation
This must-see video has been produced to help the public make more educated decisions when buying replacement windows and deals with everything from choosing the right window product to having it installed professionally.
The video developed by The Siding and Window Dealers Association of Canada, NRCan and The Window and Door Manufacturers Association.

Consumer's want Assurance...
Window Wise is Assurance

"Window Wise is not a brand or company name but rather an industry effort at quality control of windows and installers designed to give consumers peace of mind in a business that has 2000 window manufacturers scattered across Canada and no trade certification for installers. Look for the Window Wise logo. I definitely support this program."

Jon Eakes, Just Ask Jon Eakes, HGTV

This national window certification program helps consumers choose a high quality window and a high quality installation to go with it. All Window Wise contractors are registered and trained in high quality window installations. Visit for more information on this sensational program.

Glossary of Terms
Click here for a complete Glossary of terms relating to Windows and Window Installations.

Glossary of Terms

RenoPlan Home Renovation Financing. Renovation Financing Made Easy!
Developed by SAWDAC, RenoPlan Home Renovation Financing is available through our dealer members and gives homeowners access to funds to complete virtually any home renovation. The program lets you finance amounts from $1,000 to $25,000. Monthly payments are required, with terms of up to fifteen years available on amounts of $2,500 and over. No security is taken. All loans are fully open, with no penalties for early repayment.
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Basic Window Installation Guide
Basic Window Installation Guide
This guide provides basic information on the installation of PVC windows in low-rise housing in both new and replacement situations. For detailed information about window technology, shims, fasteners, polyurethane foam, flashing, glazing technology, low-emissivity coatings, inert gas and other window related topics go to or

Basic Window Installation Guide

Shopping for Windows? Here's some useful information - by Phil Lewin, Vinyl Window Designs
Vinyl windows were first developed in the European market. The typical style in Europe is known as a "Tilt and Turn" as a description of its operating characteristics. These heavy framed windows did not achieve popularity in North America where vertical and horizontal sliding windows traditionally dominated the market.
In the early 1980s, windows with assembled (screwed together) frames and sashes were introduced into the Ontario market by companies such as Guardline Industries, while heavier duty styles such as Tilt and Turn as well as casement were introduced in the prairie provinces by companies such as Duraco Windows. (Click the PDF for full article).

Full Article - Shopping for windows in Canada

Installation of a Bay Window
These instructions relate to the replacement of an existing bay window or replacement of a straight window with a new bay window, in an opening no more than 12 feet wide and 6.5 feet high. For larger windows, manufacturer’s or engineer’s specifications are required. These instructions refer to bay windows but principles and methods are the same for bow windows. To support a bay window from above the window must be located under a roof overhang. Any doubts about the structural capability of the roof overhang will require engineering evaluation. An alternative to roof support is installation of support brackets under the window seat.

Installation of a Bay Window

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