National Window Wise Program
Window Wise is a quality assurance program designed to give homeowners peace of mind that their window investment will be a lasting one. Peace of mind that the products they're buying, and the tradespeople installing them, are of the highest quality. Peace of mind in knowing that no matter what happens to the window manufacturer or the contractor, they are protected by an industry-backed guarantee.

NAFS Performance Requirements
Building code fenestration performance calculator

Sill To Sash
This website contains over 500 pages of copy, drawings and graphs describing windows, doors and skylights and all the factors relating to choosing a well‐installed, top quality, energy‐efficient product. All this information has been prepared for and vetted by the leading associations in the fenestration industry.

CSA International
Products certified under CSA Internationalís Windows and Doors Certification Program will carry the CSA mark. To ensure that you are buying CSA certified products, you should request a contract in writing from the supplier. This website provides key factors in what to look for in windows and doors.

Natural Resources Canada - Windows, Doors and Skylights
Government of Canada Consumer's Guide too buying Energy-Efficient Windows and Doors. The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) has established the CSA-A440 standard. It describes how to measure and rate a window's airtightness, watertightness, wind resistance, condensation resistance, forced entry resistance, ease of operation, and other requirements.

Energy Star - Residential Windows, Doors, and Skylights
ENERGY STAR-qualified windows, doors, and skylights save you energy and money, increase the comfort of your home, and protect your valuable possessions from sun damage. They are also better for the environment because lowering your energy use means less air pollution from power plants.

Fenestration Canada formerly CWDMA
Fenestration Canada's mission is to represent and support all aspects of the window and door manufacturing industry, including formulating and promoting high standards of quality in manufacturing, design, marketing, distribution, sales and application of all types of window and door products.

Home Builder Canada
Home BUILDER Magazine - the official magazine of the Canadian Home Builders' Association (CHBA) - the best-read magazine in Canada's multi-million dollar residential construction industry. Home BUILDER Magazine is published bi-monthly and delivered to 28,000 new homebuilders, renovators, contractors, designers, architects and other hands-on professionals working in residential construction, home improvement from coast-to-coast

Window and Balcony Safety
It is difficult to hear news of a child getting injured or killed falling out of a window or balcony. The heartache that must be felt by that child's parents and friends is unimaginable. If you have ever been worried about the safety of your own children around windows, balconies and decks you are not alone...

Find Grants and Rebates for Home Improvements in your Province
Welcome to the most comprehensive website for Canadian grants and rebates for home improvements! On this website you'll find easy-to-access, free information on government grants and rebates for home improvements. We also have valuable how-to guides on saving money while making your home more environmentally-friendly.

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