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Who We Are


We educate the consumer on what criteria to look for when hiring a contractor.  We also educate contractors on the demanding procedures and high standards they must follow in order to earn and retain their nationally recognized SAWDAC certification.


Undertaking a major home renovation project is often an intimidating experience for many homeowners.  The costs can be very substantial and finding a competent and trustworthy contractor can be hit-and-miss with severe financial and emotional consequences if the wrong choice is made.


The Siding and Window Dealers Association of Canada is an assurance that our member dealers and contractors will deliver consistently high standards of products, installations and business ethics. Every prospective member must meet the SAWDAC membership criteria, commit to our code of ethics and sign an ironclad five-year workmanship guarantee statement.



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Meeting SAWDAC's tough requirements and completing their comprehensive training program wasn't easy...But, it was the best decision I ever made for my business.

SAWDAC's nationally recognized program instills consumer confidence and my business has increased dramatically since completing my certification.

Thank you SAWDAC for making me a proud and certified professional.

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Membership Profile


Although all SAWDAC Members are active in siding, window, or premium roofing, most members also do one or more other types of renovation. The following are some other types of renovations done by SAWDAC members:

  • Soffit
  • fascia
  • eavestrough
  • shutters
  • awnings
  • doors
  • decks
  • patios
  • fences
  • sunrooms
  • skylights
  • additions
  • garages
  • garage doors
  • insulating
  • weather sealing
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We know renovations and the value it can add to your home.
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