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Window Wise is THE quality assurance program in Canada that is designed to give homeowners peace of mind that their window investment will be a lasting one. Peace of mind that the products they're buying, and the tradespeople installing them, are of the highest quality. Peace of mind in knowing that no matter what happens to the window manufacturer or the contractor, they are protected by an industry-backed guarantee.


The Window Wise certification program is for replacement window manufacturers and installation contractors



How we certify window manufacturers and contractors?

Window Wise independently audits and certifies contractors and window manufacturers, and conducts comprehensive window installation training seminars for installers. This ensures that if your replacement windows are Window Wise certified, you've made a wise choice!


What does Window Wise certification mean?

In the window replacement industry, there are many poorly trained installers, poor quality products, and companies that don't service what they sell. A Window Wise quality assured and energy efficient window installation offers a level of confidence and peace of mind simply not available anywhere else:

  • a full 5 year transferable guarantee

  • a trained, certified window dealer and window installation contractor

  • random job inspections to ensure contractor workmanship and customer service

  • high quality, energy star efficient windows

  • registration of your window replacement job ensuring all product and installation criteria have been met


Canadian Window Manufacturers Approved by Window Wise


All approved Window Wise Canadian replacement window manufacturers have been tested and exceed building code standards for energy efficiency, air infiltration, water leakage and strength, and will provide significant energy saving benefits.


Below is an alphabetical list of approved Canadian manufacturers:


Window Wise Window Wise Approved Manufacturers
Armor Series Armor Series manufacturered by Vinylbilt Windows & Doors
Ener-Save Windows manufacturered by Vinylbilt Windows & Doors Ener-Save Windows manufacturered by Vinylbilt Windows & Doors
EnerView Windows manufacturered by Vinylbilt Windows & Doors EnerView Windows manufacturered by Vinylbilt Windows & Doors
Euro Seal Windows & Doors
Gentek Building Products Gentek Building Products
GEM Aluminum Window Mfg Ltd.
Hometech Window Corp Hometech Window Corp
Jeld-Wen Windows & Doors Jeld-Wen Windows & Doors  
  Kohltech Window & Entrance Systems
KV Custom Windows
Landmark Home Solutions
Lifestyle Sunrooms Inc.
North Star Mfg. North Star Mfg.
QSI Home Comfort
Stage Windows & Doors
Strassburger Windows & Doors Strassburger Windows & Doors
  Vinyl Pro Window Systems
Vinyl Window Designs Ltd. Vinyl Window Designs Ltd.
Vinylbilt Windows & Doors Corp. Vinylbilt Windows & Doors Corp.
Vinylguard Window and Door Systems Vinylguard Window and Door Systems Ltd.
Window City Manufacturers Inc. Window City Manufacturers Inc.


Energy Star Participant All Window Wise windows are ENERGY STAR  2019 Standard certified.


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