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What Membership Type does my company fall under?

SAWDAC (Dealer)

Dealer members must supply and install siding and /or window products at the retail level as a significant portion of their business.


SAWDAC (Associate)

Associate members, benefit by joining SAWDAC because of the opportunities for contact with a group of professional renovators to whom you can promote your company's products or services.


Renovation Canada

A program designed to offer specific SAWDAC membership benefits to renovators whose main scope of work is something other than siding or windows.




Why do companies belong to the Siding and window Dealers Association of Canada?



Did you know that about half the companies that apply for membership in SAWDAC or Renovation Canada each year aren't accepted? That's right. Think about how much that means to the average consumer. Are homeowners worried about renovation nightmares? You bet. SAWDAC members have been in business a minimum of three years, carry liability insurance, offer a five-year workmanship guarantee, and have a good credit rating and a good reputation. I'm proud to be a SAWDAC member. I made it. Others wish they could but can't. I always point that out when quoting a job. Do you?


Consumer Advice

Every day several consumers call the SAWDAC office for advice. What is Low-E? Who makes vinyl siding? Who are your members in my area? Why do I have condensation on my windows? Which is better retro-fit or complete tear-out? Is it true that product X is made from regrind? Where can we get a renovation loan? How do we choose a good contractor?


SAWDAC has many resources for consumers including books, articles, brochures, videos, CDs, advice on who to call, how to find out, what to ask. When consumers experience how helpful SAWDAC can be they naturally want to deal with a SAWDAC member.


Consumer Protection

Every SAWDAC member must provide a five-year guarantee and must abide by the Association's Code of Ethics. When consumers call with a problem SAWDAC listens and responds. Here are just a few examples that have occurred:

Helped a member who got in over their head on a sky light installation, a consumer to avoid losing money to a known fraud artist, and a member reassure a client that everything was OK by having an inspector examine and confirm the workmanship


SAWDAC Liability Insurance

For information of current insurance programs, please call the SAWDAC office.

SAWDAC Group Insurance

A Cost effective method of providing: Life, Disability, Prescription drugs and Dental.


Telecom discounts with
  • Rogers
  • Bell
  • Primus Canada
  • Internet and Web Hosting

Renoworks software, helps you and your customer decide on colors and styles.  Drives higher activity on installs.

ESSO and Petro-Canada

Discount Fleet Rates


Merchant Services

SAWDAC offers its members outstanding merchant rates provided by the Panda Pay. SAWDAC offers another package which members who do not have Merchant Services, can accept Visa and Master Card from their customers and make the transaction through the SAWDAC office.



Offering renovation loans helps contractors close more quotations and sell bigger jobs. With the new Full Service RenoPlan all you do is quote the monthly payment and the RenoPlan office handles all the paper work. Every company can use this service. It makes offering renovation loans easy and worry-free.


Understanding Government

Over 128 Ontario members called the SAWDAC office in the past year for advice on how to implement the Ten-Day Cooling-Off legislation. Questions about workers compensation, labour laws, safety requirements, sub-contractor reports and many others are handled by SAWDAC.