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The RenoPlan Program

Developed by SAWDAC in 1990, the RenoPlan Program gives our members access to a financing vehicle for their clients. The program offers loans from $1,500 to $35,000, with amounts over $10,000 amortized over up to 15 years. All loans are fully open, allowing homeowners to make extra payments whenever they wish. Dealers can offer financing incentives, including interest deferrals for up to 12 months, and interest rate Buydowns to as low as 0%.


RenoPlan Basic Service

The dealer is responsible for completion of all documentation. This includes the Credit Application, Promissory Note and Completion certificate. The dealer is also responsible for obtaining other documentation as required to support the loan approval.


Reno Plan Full Service 

The dealer is only responsible for completing the one-page RenoPlan Credit Application (name, address, date of birth, SIN # and telephone contact information). The RenoPlan Finance Office contacts the homeowner by phone to obtain the balance of information required, and is responsible for getting the forms completed.

RenoPlan: Home Renovation Financing

It takes many tools to complete a successful renovation. 
It only takes one tool to sell it...



Rockton Window and Door Products


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I've never had time for the paperwork that's needed to sell financing to my clients. But, now there's an option! I use RenoPlan for all my finance work. And not only is it simple, it landed me a $20,000 job where the financing got complicated.

Doug Cassan 
Rockton Window and Door Products 
Rockton ON

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